Why And How To Create A Moving Day Floor Plan

As you prepare to move to a new home, one task that should be on your to-do list is to make a floor plan for the new house. Why? Here's what you need to know about how preparing a floor plan will make your move easier, faster, and more successful.

Why Prepare a Moving Floor Plan?

Why go to the trouble of adding one more thing to your workload before a big move? Moving floor plans actually help reduce work in several ways, so they're an investment in the future. 

First, you can use it to determine exactly which pieces of furniture to pack up and take — and which won't fit or won't work in the new house and should be discarded before arrival. You may also use it to order new furnishings and have them delivered straight to the new place. 

Second, the movers and your helpers can use the floor plan to work independently and place large pieces exactly where you want them without your involvement. You don't have to be constantly available nor must you micromanage the moving day activity. 

Finally, with big decisions about placement already made, the work will go faster. There's no need to waste time figuring out where to put your stuff. 

How Should You Make a Floor Plan?

So, if a moving day floor plan is a good idea for you, how should you approach it? First, be sure to measure your new home. Then, choose a conversion size (such as one inch representing five feet) and draw the bones of the home on paper. 

Measure your furnishings and draw in where they will go as close to the correct scale as possible. Label the drawn furnishings. But don't go overboard by trying to insert too many pieces. Focus on items that will be the hardest to rearrange.

Label each room in the actual new house or apartment (both in real life and on the floor plan). Make copies of the floor plan and hand them out to helpers and the movers. Tape one or more copies to walls inside the house for additional reference. 

Where to Learn More

Want tips for designing a useful and clear moving day floor plan? Speak with a skilled and experienced residential moving company in your area today. With their guidance and these tips, your floor plan will help make light work of this big change. 

Contact a local residential moving company for more information.