What To Inquire From A Residential Mover

Moving to a new residence can be both exciting and stressful. Exciting because you are going to a new and better place and stressful because of the activities involved. To relieve yourself of the hardships of packing, loading, and transporting your belongings, you should hire a residential mover. To find the right professional for your move, here are some questions you should ask your prospective movers. Do You Offer Packing and Storage Services? Read More 

What Not To Do When Storing Items In Self-Storage

Many people opt for self-storage if they don't have enough storage space in their homes. Some choose personal storage to store items they don't want to carry to a new home. Whatever your motivation for investing in self-storage units, make sure you avoid the following mistakes. Using Unfit Packing Materials The first step in storing your items well is packing them correctly. Don't use printed newspapers to wrap goods as there is a high risk of the ink from the newspaper leaking on the items and staining them. Read More