8 Quick Moving Tips To Simplify Your Process

It's no secret that moving is a big undertaking. Whether you're crossing state lines or relocating to a neighboring county, following these eight simple tips will help keep things simple. 

1. Set a budget in the beginning.

You don't want to reach moving day and realize you've already spent all the money in your account and therefore have nothing left for extra boxes. Set a realistic moving budget on day one, and choose your moving services and supplies according to that budget.

2. Look for uniform boxes.

Instead of collecting boxes of various sizes, try to get a lot in the same size. This will make them easier to stack in the moving truck. Make sure your boxes, as you pack, are light enough for a single person to lift.

3. Take apart furniture.

A few days before you're actually planning to load things into a moving truck, take all of the legs off your tables and disassemble all other large pieces of furniture. This will make carrying furniture to the moving truck -- and fitting it all in -- a lot easier.

4. Don't ask too many people to help.

Many hands make light the work, but there is such a thing as too many helpers. You don't want a whole crowd standing in the living room on moving day. Ask a few strong, trusted friends to help you move -- and tell others who offer "no, thank you."

5. Pay for a moving truck.

If you are only moving a short distance, you might think you can save some cash by moving everything with your car only. However, you'll waste a lot of time with this tactic. Renting a moving truck, as long as it's in your budget, will save you countless hours.

6. Have a rain date.

What happens if you get up on moving day and it's pouring rain or 100 degrees outside? If you set a rain date, you can just reschedule. Make sure your helpers know about the rain date and are available that day, too.

7. Tape the bottoms of boxes.

One of the most common moving calamities is having everything fall out of the bottom of your box. You can prevent this by always taping the bottoms of the boxes closed with packing tape, rather than just folding the flaps over one another.

8. Take breaks.

Above all else, remember not to be too hard on yourself when you move! Take breaks to avoid getting too exhausted. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and sit in front of a fan as needed to cool off. 

For more information, contact your local mover services.