Need Some Space For Yourself? 3 Ways To Turn a Storage Unit into Your Own Private Sanctuary

If your big toys are being moved into a storage unit to make room for remodeling, don't let your private sanctuary get cast aside. Instead, put your new storage unit to good use. The plan was to move your treasured possessions into a storage unit, but no one said that they had to be stored. Make the most of your new-found space. Turn your storage unit into your very own private sanctuary. Here are three things you'll need to do to get your sanctuary up and running.

Get Permission First

Now that you've decided to turn your storage unit into a private sanctuary for yourself, make sure you get permission from the manager first. While no storage facility will allow you to move in and live in a storage unit, most will allow you to use your storage unit for personal use during normal business hours. To prevent problems, talk to management about their specific rules and regulations regarding personal use of the storage units. If one storage facility tells you no, keep looking until you find one that will say yes to your need for personal space.

Choose the Right Unit

Once you've found a storage facility that will allow you to use your unit as a personal getaway spot, you'll need to choose the right unit. Shop around at different storage facilities like to find the one that's right for you and your needs.

Climate Controlled

The first thing you'll need for your unit is climate control. You don't want to sit in a storage unit that's too hot during the summer and too cold during the winter. You also don't want a unit with moisture problems. The moisture will destroy your electronic equipment.

Electrical Power Supply

You'll also need to choose a unit that has access to an electrical power supply. You'll want to plug your equipment in and have access to lighting while you're there.

Move Your Gear In

Now that you've found a storage facility that will allow personal use during normal business hours, and you've got the right unit, you're ready to move your gear in. You'll need your big screen television, surround-sound system, and at least one comfortable chair to relax in. You'll also want a working refrigerator to keep your drinks cold. Go ahead and personalize it. It's your own private sanctuary away from the world. Just don't tell your significant other about it. They might want to take it over for themselves.